Creating Concepts, Creating Life

7070 Sports was set up in 2007 to be a pioneer in organizing events and culturally-relevant projects, that will find resonance in Dubai’s multi-faceted landscape — one that is backed by world-class infrastructure and unlimited potential to be creative.

Our vision
Our mission is to design and produce some of the finest moments in the form of events & some of the best names as brands. We handle and promote them fearlessly at the center is our purpose — to create and inspire.

Our mission
Our mission is to find greatness in events & brands we handle and promote it fearlessly. At the center is our purpose — to create and inspire.

7070 Sports is created by seasoned professionals in Event Management, Branding & Media who have designed, developed and successfully created events & brands.

Our company belongs to a network of independent creative minds that have by virtue of their collective experience in brand building, event management, advertising, and media gives us the global capabilities to conduct brand strategy and brand communications initiatives in the Middle East. Our unique model results in greater ROI for our clients and a seamless, streamlined approach to achieving their most important business objectives.